Warhammer 40,000

Welcome to a universe of destruction. A place where every planet is engulfed in massive interstellar war. A time of hate, a time of conflict, a time of fear. A time for humanity to make its last stand against the forces that oppose it from all sides. The emperor has sat still on his golden throne for over 10,000 years, and still humanity worships him as thier god. A god he truly must be, for not only does he bring hope to an empire of trillions, but he holds them together, his withered body still affording an iron grip on the universe. He shall not falter, for he cannot, it would be the end of humanity. His presence defines us, controls us, gives our lives meaning. We must obey, serve, and destroy all who oppose us in the name of the Glorious Emperor. HAIL!

        I realized yesterday that this page didn't look too hot under windows. Being on UNIX, I couldn't tell. So hopefully it's more readable. If not, let me know. Also fixed a bunch of spelling errors.
        Added Imperial Guard, Navbar on all pages works now.
        Added painting stuff, fixed a few bugs.
        Added 11 Datafaxes, Reaver and Warhound Titan Rules and Strategy Cards.
        Added 4 more wargear cards.
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