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Date:March, 17 2002 at 13:19:36
Description:A shot inside the box. here you can see how the 8 has it's own sealed enclosure. This box was designed with autocad to get all the volumes correct. The interior was covered in 3 layers of fiberglass mat, and a layer of viceolastic sound deadening material. For best results with mass-damping material, I advise you apply it with DAP Weldwood adhesive. The built-in adhesive on the back of these materials is nearly useless. Viceolastic is the best bang for your buck in mass damping material, at only $20 a sheet, it has much higher sound transmission loss numbers than most of the other materials. I advise purchase through mcmaster-carr.
Camera Settings:Camera model : Canon PowerShot G1
Resolution : 2048 x 1536
Flash used : No
Focal length : 7.0mm (35mm equivalent: 35mm)
CCD Width : 7.06mm
Exposure time: 0.500 s (1/2)
Aperture : f/2.5
Focus Dist. : 1.58m
Metering Mode: center weight
Jpeg process : Baseline
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