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About Me

Not much to say here right now.. just your average computer geek. My interests include NetBSD, parallel computing, reef aquariums, warhammer 40k, metalshaping, and other bizarre things.

I occasionally work on an open source online RPG (MMORPG) by the name of Genecys. Go check it out!

Follow this link to see my personal photo album including my project car in-progress, a few of the aquariums I've visited, and the forementioned "other bizzare things".

To see some of my tutorials on car audio, click here. To see my custom celica as it's being built, click here.

I have quite a few reef tanks set up, come take a look at my reef tank website here.

I have a Personal Weather Station because I'm somewhat of a weather geek.

Weather Underground PWS KAZPEORI16

About NetBSD

NetBSD is my operating system of choice. I've been using NetBSD since version 0.8 when it first came out, and have been an avid (rabid?) supporter ever since. I have been a devloper for a long time now, and am portmaster for the PReP port, and the ofppc port. Additionally, I imported the rs6000 port, which is the first ever port of a free operating system to the IBM RS/6000 MCA based machines.

My primary interest in NetBSD is PowerPC machine support. I originally signed on to do pkgsrc work, but have since changed my focus.

Machines I have ported NetBSD to:

Projects I am working on, or worked on in the past for NetBSD:

About ClusterIt

ClusterIt is a software package I've been working on recently. It is a group of utilities and commands for UNIX, which make possible a distributed computing environment on any old random pile of unix machines. More information on ClusterIt is available here on my ClusterIt page.

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