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Welcome to my reef tanks. Here you will find a photo archive of my tanks and as I have time, I will add details on my tank setups and things that can be found in them. I am constantly adding photos to the online album, which is nearly a gig in size currently. For now, here is a picture of my main tank:

Main 125

About my tanks

I currently have a few different tanks, a 125, a 20, a 30 hex, a 2.5 gallon nano, and a 1 gallon nano. Chris also has a fish-only 80R.

The 125 is my main tank. It is lit by 4x160W VHO, and 2 65W LOA fixtures. I plan to add more LOA lighting in the future. This tank is unskimmed, and has a deep sand bed. It has been in operation for almost 2 years.

The 20 was converted from a freshwater tank to a reef. It was originally intended to house seahorses, but I wasn't very successful with those. It is currently housing a pair of bangaii cardinals.

The 30 gallon hex is an experiment. The tank was designed with a powerful 400W 10k Metal halide, and water motion is provided by a 950 GPH Mag pump. The rockwork forms a single column in the middle of the tank, and the outlets for the pump are situated all throughout the rock to provide a continual, laminar flow of rotating water. It is my hope that this will provide excellent water motion for the corals, being that the entire mass of water is constantly in motion, rather than smaller directional jets of water. This tank is also unskimmed.

The 2.5 gallon nano is currently cycling. Not much lives there yet. No skimmer, deep sand bed, and water movement is provided by a hang on the back filter, with the biocrap removed.

The 1 gallon tank is still cycling, but mainly contains a thriving population of volcanic shrimp. I'm hoping they will breed. It was cycling nicely, but my air conditioner woes this summer caused a complete kill of my original colony of volcanic shrimp, causing a massive slime algae/cyano bloom. The new shrimp however appear to enjoy this food source.

Chris's Fish Only tank houses a beautiful blue-faced angel, and a small stars and stripes puffer. The angel is absolutely mortified by the camera, and completely freaks out if I approach the tank with it.

Tim Rightnour
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