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Crazy things I do or have done:

  • I love reef aquariums:
  • I have an insane homelab.
  • I am ditching google for as many things as possible. Learn about that here.
  • I'm currently starting to fiddle with homeassistant.
  • I wrote a 3d MMORPG from scratch named Genecys.  The engine mostly works, never really finished it. I suck at drawing things.
  • I used to play Warhammer 40k.  I've long since given up because Games Workshop is evil.
  • I was a NetBSD developer for a long time, specializing in PowerPC.
    • I originally installed 386BSD 0.1.  This was awful.
    • I replaced that with NetBSD 0.8.  Joy!
    • I upgraded my home machine over the years all the way up to 8.0.
    • Recently I've converted over to Debian.  I am conflicted about this...
  • I write a ton of code:
  • My photo album
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